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The Foundry Nuke

Burberry Limited, London, UK (August to September 2014) (http://www.burberry.com)


Not To Scale, London, UK (June to July 2014) (http://www.nototscale.tv)


Jellyfish Pictures, London, UK (June 2014) (http://www.jellyfishpictures.co.uk)


Polar Media, London, UK, (April to May 2014) (http://www.polarmedia.com)


FGreat Studio, London, UK (April 2014) (http://www.fgreat.co.uk)


Fieldtrip, London UK, (February to March 2014) (http://www.fieldtrip.tv)


Molinare Film and TV Ltd, London, UK (26 of Dec 2013 to 31st Dec 2013) (http://www.molinare.co.uk)


Fluid Pictures London, UK (12th Dec 2013 to 10 Jan 2014) (http://www.fluid-pictures.co.uk)


Mikros Images  Montreal, Canada (4th April to 27th September 2013) (http://www.mikrosimage.ca)


Foam Agency  London, UK (February to  March 2013)  (www.foamagency.com)


Smoke and Mirrors  London UK( 11th Jan to 24th Jan 2013) (www.smoke-mirrors.com)


Lola-Post  London (August 20th-September 14th 2012) (lola-post.co.uk)


Glassworks LTD  London (June 12th to July 10th 2012) (www.glassworks.co.uk)


Lumière Studios Ltd  London (June 6th to 8th 2012) (www.lumierestudios.co.uk)





Latest Projects

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@: cerrabelum@gmail.com

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