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Little Big City - Berlin and Beijing

Little Big City are a series of animated content that was projection mapped on screens and physical geometry as an attraction for the cities of Berlin and Beijing.

The Berlin project was to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany in 2018. The animations featured popular stories of daring escapes to West Berlin from East Berlin. These included people who dug a tunnel under the wall to a family who escaped in a home made hot air balloon. We had very little time to produce each animation; the aim was to have a stop-motion look.

The Beijing project followed. It was used to explain the legendary history of Beijing and China. This was illustrated through 3D and 2.5 D animations.

Produced at: Seeper, London UK

VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Taylor

CG Generalist: Jon Botros

Animator: Tammy Smith

Case Study: the building of the Great Wall

This is gray-shaded final animation of the building of the Great Wall. The animation needed to loop (cycle) and there are a number of cartoony gags with props on the scaffolding that happen in the space of a few seconds.

Commercial for Little Big City Berlin

Commercial for Little Big City Beijing

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